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The Delish Band

"The San Francisco Bay Area is lucky to have Bob Falstein to listen to live. Many of his audiences take him home...on CD that is! As a professional speaker I listen to Bob's music to put me the right frame of mind to motivate my audiences. My audiences love it when I play the inspirational songs in Bob Falstein's Take Heart to set the tone for our meeting or convention."
Patricia Fripp,
Author of Get What You Want and Past President of the National Speakers Association.


"Bob Falstein is the San Francisco Bay Area's most inspiring singer and piano player. Whenever I listen to his music I am put in the right frame of mind."
Dee Dee Tucker,
Bob Falstein fan of a lifetime.

"Bob Falstein's CDs are the favorites in my extensive collection."
Harold Hingle

"Bob Falstein's music is magical! I love his CDs."
Carolina Girimonte,
Communication Coach

"When Bob Falstein sings ...everyone listens."
David Garfinkel,
Overnight Marketing

"Bob Falstein CDs are inspirational."
Susan RoAne,
Author How to Work a Room

Bob Falstein Music on CD now available
and can also be downloaded from links below

Bob Falstein -
Late Night Blue
Download Late Night Blue from Dig Station

Here I am at this point of my life where I am just playing what I feel at the very moment we play as a group and record. You could say I wrote this music as I played it. My right hand never quite knew where it was going to go to - yet fluidly continued onward as if to carve out a melody that even I had never heard or played before. And my left hand steadily comping chord after chord and creating a feeling overall between my two hands that is movement all unto itself.

Songs Include:
(One Minute Segments Here)

  1. Midnight Straight Up 5:16
  2. A Sip Of Sherilyn 4:29
  3. Nightdancer 2:51
  4. Twilight Shimmer 3:24
  5. Daybreak 4:15
  6. Song For Edith 4:20
  7. How 'Bout A Nightcap 2:40
  8. The Drummer Has Something
    To Say
  9. In The Afterglow 5:17
  10. Sweet Dreams 6:19
  11. Conversations 4:47
  12. Late Night Blue 3:48

Bob Falstein -
Take Heart
Download Take Heart From Dig Station

Songs Include:
(One Minute Segments Here)

  1. Let's Get High On Life 3:32
  2. Take Heart 4:14
  3. Change 4:11
  4. Anything Is Possible 3:27
  5. The Glory Of I Can 4:30
  6. Be Still 4:18
  7. Celebrate 4:05
  8. It Works If You Work It 4:02
  9. Personal Power 3:34
  10. I Just Got It 4:16
  11. A New Beginning 5:03

Bob Falstein -
Water Lover

Songs Include:
(One Minute Segments Here)

  1. Water Gypsy 3:41
  2. The Memory Of You 2:09
  3. New Age Revival 2:36
  4. Soul Soother 2:30
  5. Candles Glowing 2:17
  6. Cover The Earth 2:00
  7. My Costa Rican Orchid 2:38
  8. Sail The Seas 2:35
  9. I'll See You In Heaven 3:19
  10. Sweet Sunset So Sure 2:22
  11. Water Lover 4:18
  12. Tender Touches 2:21
  13. Falling Leaves
    in the Breeze
  14. Northern Lights 1:34
  15. Making Friends
    along the way
  16. Pleasant Dreams 3:22
  17. Time To Wake 1:08
  18. Serenity 1:38
  19. Beautiful Blue Horizon 3:00